Process and Formulation

Process and Formulation

Our capacity to undertake and complete client projects in an efficient manner derives in substantial part from the skills and experience of the Tioga Research team. It benefits also from the various technologies that we bring to bear, both conventional and proprietary.


The process that we follow depends on the details of the given project and on which components in the overall R&D flow we will complete.


In house, we have the various equipment needed to prepare skin-applied formulations, including solutions, gels, lotions, creams and foamable solutions, ointments, lacquers and patches. Such preparations might be made on a conventional scale, or using fluid handling robotics (where larger libraries are to be considered).


Tioga Research scientists and engineers have also considered engineering solutions to various formulation challenges, such as (i) orchestrating the time-profiled introduction of multiple fluid feeds across a substantial number of vessels, (ii) mixing and working highly viscous fluids, and (iii) sampling differing fluid processing geometries