Tioga Research continually seeks to expand its knowledge of the skin and of how formulations interact with the skin. The company has collaborated with other groups in a number of research areas, such as (i) exploring descriptor-property relationship (“DPR”) approaches to predicting skin permeation and skin irritation potential, (ii) assessing how control of solid state form modulates formulatability, and (ii) optimizing percutaneous immunization.


Tioga Research is interested currently to expand activities in the following areas:


•    Skin property measurements in a spatially-resolved fashion
•    Organotypic skin cultures
•    Use of nanoparticulate materials in topical formulations
•    Mesoscopic models to predict permeation pathways and aggregate flux

If you have complementary capabilities in one of these areas and would be interested to explore such a scientific collaboration, please contact us at   One of Tioga Research’s senior scientists will be in touch with you.