Management Team

Tioga Research’s senior management has worked together as a team for more than seven years. Each member brings special expertise, experience and skills.

Edward T. Kisak (CSO)

Edward T. Kisak has served as CSO of Tioga Research since its founding. He has over ten years of experience in topical formulation development, having served in both managerial and lead scientist roles.  Ed has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara where his doctoral research focused on developing “vesosomes” – a multiplexed liposomal structure containing liposomes nested within other liposomes for advanced drug delivery therapies. This doctoral research was later pursued by Advanced Encapsulation – a start-up company co-founded by Ed to improve and develop the vesosome technology. Ed also served as consultant to Sinus Pharmaceuticals and reformulated their lead tobramycin sinusitis formulation, which later went on to clinical trials. After joining fqubed (later acquired by Nuvo Research, CA:NRI) in 2005, Ed acted as Director of Research, and was responsible for laboratory operations and for managing formulation innovation and skin delivery screening campaigns. During this tenure, Ed acted as the lead formulation scientist on developing Pennsaid 2% (currently approved in the US for the treatment of osteoarthritis) along with other formulations in Nuvo’s pipeline. Additionally, he was the prime driving force behind the development, optimization and production-mode use of Tioga Research’s HTE platforms, including INSIGHT™, STORM™, SPATE™, RINSER™, TORNADO™ and the skiving platform. He is an inventor on more than 15 issued and pending patents, including that claiming the Pennsaid 2% formulation.

John M Newsam (CEO)

John M Newsam has been CEO of Tioga Research since launch in 2011, having served in corporate executive roles since 1996. He was CSO of Molecular Simulations Inc. (now Accelrys – from 1996, acquired by Pharmacopeia, Inc. in 1998), Office of the President for hte Aktiengesellschaft (from 2000, acquired by BASF in 2008), CEO of fqubed, Inc. (from 2002, acquired by Nuvo Research in 2005), CEO of Bio4Front, Inc., and Senior VP of Business Development for Nuvo Research, Inc. (from 2009, CA:NRI). John is as a member of the advisory council of the Green Gateway Fund, and was previously a Venture Partner at NGEN Partners, and an advisor to the Scottish early stage venture fund ITI Life Sciences. John has contributed scientific and strategic consulting to several US Fortune500 companies, to early phase biotech and materials companies in the US, UK and Korea, to government institutions such as IFP Energies Nouvelles, and he has served on numerous academic advisory committees. A materials chemist by training, John has authored over 170 scientific publications, on topics such as high throughput experimentation, skin-applied formulations, zeolites, crystallography and materials simulation. He has been recognized by several awards, including the Corday-Morgan Medal, and by elections as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and of the UK Royal Society of Chemistry. John has delivered undergraduate courses on entrepreneurship and business innovation at UC San Diego, and has been an Adjunct Professor at both UC Santa Barbara (Materials Department) and UCSD (Chemistry & Biochemistry Department). John holds BA Hons, MA and DPhil degrees in Chemistry from Oxford University.

Stewart Smith(Director, Quality)

Stewart Smith has worked in various senior analytical and quality roles in the pharmaceutical industry since 1983, having held positions of increasing responsibility at Syntex Research, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Dura Pharmaceuticals, and fqubed (Nuvo Research US). Stewart has been a principal at Pharmalytical Consulting LLC Since 2004 and has served as Director of Quality at Tioga Research since 2011. Stewart has extensive hand-on and managerial experience with analytical development and validation for a wide range active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulation dosage types. Stewart has bachelor degrees in Chemistry and Oceanography from Humboldt State University (Arcata CA).

Ilya Feygin
(Director, Research Engineering)

Edward Ilya Feygin is a true pioneer in high throughput experimentation. With degrees in Aeronautical and Electrical Engineering from the University of Latvia, he served as an engineering innovation consultant with Sigma and PA Consulting. Joining Merck, he led early efforts to implement combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening, rising to the esteemed level of Fellow. He was then recruited to Pharmacopeia to direct the research engineering support for combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening. He has contributed to HTE techniques for materials applications from as early as 1997, joining the fqubed team in 2002, and then transitioning to Tioga Research in 2011. Ilya has more than 25 years’ experience in research automation, evidenced in a number of engineering ‘firsts’ and by inventorship on 41 issued US patents.

Nadir Buyuktimkin (Formulations Technology)

Nadir Buyuktimkin has BPharm and PhD degrees from the School of Pharmacy, University of Istanbul. Dr. Buyuktimkin worked at the Institutes of Pharmacy at the University of Mainz and the Free University of Berlin. He then joined the group of J. Howard Rytting in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Kansas, before pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Following positions at Pharmedic and Oread Laboratories, he was Assistant Director of Formulation Research at NexMed, a senior consultant to both Teva Pharmaceuticals and McNeil, and then Director of Product Development at Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals. After serving as a partner at Midwest Research Laboratories, he joined the Tioga Research team at fqubed Inc. Nadir has worked on a range of drug product formats, including solid dosage formulations (tablets, caplets, capsules), but his primary focus has always been topically applied drugs. Nadir has published over 100 papers, and is inventor on nine issued US patents claiming topical formulations.

Jagat Singh

Jagat Singh has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, having variously been responsible for chemistry, manufacturing & controls (“CMC”), research and development, project management, pre-clinical oversight, quality assurance (“QA”), regulatory CMC, product development, and preclinical development (to support health protection branch Canada (“HPB”), FDA and EU drug submission processes). Jagat is president of Jay Consulting and has served in mid to senior management roles since 1998. He was Director of Research and Development at Nuvo Research (“Nuvo”), Manager of CMC and Pre-clinical Research, Supervisor of R&D, QA Supervisor at Dimethaid Health Care (“Dimethaid”), and priorly Group Leader of QA at Make up Art Cosmetics and manufacturing manager at Insignia Group. Dr. Singh also has over 10 years of experience in academia, having served as Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Chemistry, University of Guyana and Sessional Professor, School of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry, Seneca College. Jagat is an iInventor on 14 issued and pending patents. He holds a PhD degree from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London, and a BSc degree from the University of Guyana.

Servet Buyuktimkin (Formulations Science)

After completing her PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a period then as an Exchange Fellow at the Institute of Pharmacy, University of Mainz, Servet Buyuktimkin served as Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Istanbul. Following a productive period as a senior research scientist in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Kansas, she held a succession of senior research positions at Pharmedic, Oread, NexMed, Midwest Research Laboratories, and fqubed (Nuvo Research US). Servet has worked on a broad range of skin-applied drug formulations, devising original solutions to a succession of topical formulation challenges. She is a prime inventor of dodecyl 2-(N, N-dimethylamino) propionate (“DDAIP”), a novel molecular penetration enhancer that was the technical basis for the creation of NexMed (now Apricus Biosciences), and a key component of Apricus’ Vitaros® that has received regulatory approvals in Canada and Europe), Femprox® and RayVa®. Dr. Buyuktimkin has published more than 120 scientific papers.